We are Chase & Trinity



Our band has been together since 2010, and now we are embarking on our first CD project, and all that it entails, such as putting together a website, twitter, facebook etc. Believe me, it's more work than it seems. Our first CD, with 15 original songs, is available for purchase right now. Hopefully they'll end up in your hands. 

Amber Conley is the vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and songwriter 

DiVeta Velte is the bassist, vocalist, and songwriter (as of January 2014)

Jared McGuire is the drummer, percussionist, bassist, and also contributes to the song writing duties. 

For our first project, we decided to record and distribute independently under our own label, Luxury Audio, with services such as CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. We want to have a relationship with our fans, so we can grow a community that supports one another. Our goal is to keep making music, videos, and playing live, allowing our fans to share our music with their friends without the RIAA breathing down our necks. (have you seen those FBI warning on CD's? scary stuff.) I mean, its music after all, it's supposed to be shared, and enjoyed by everyone! By being independent and owning the rights to our music, we have the opportunity to be closer with our fans by encouraging the natural sharing of music, resulting in organic word-of-mouth promotion. We'll be offering cd's, and merchandise, and even some free downloads; Support us by downloading and purchasing, and help take us one step closer to our goal. 


 The victim and the suspect

The victim and the suspect

We get a lot of questions about our band name, seeing as Chase and Trinity aren't our names. We actually got it from a news report about a 'Crazy Bird' attacking people at the intersection of Chase Street and Trinity Place in Palm Beach, Florida. We had a lightbulb moment, because "Chase & Trinity" just seemed to click. The story behind the bird attacks is actually pretty funny, you can read about it here


Contact us with any questions you may have at our email:                                        chaseandtrinity@mac.com